Dear All,
It’s been a great 21 years, but all good things must come to an end, and so Mad Molly is hanging up its rags. We’ve enjoyed dancing over the years with the Bay area morris teams, and with visiting teams from across the US, Canada, England and other places we may have forgotten. We’ve danced for schools, non-profits, community events, church ceremonies, weddings, memorial services, and just because. We’ve even been paid for some of them. We’ve traveled to faraway places (relatively speaking — Colorado and Vancouver, BC) in order to dance, gone to ales (weekend non-stop morris events), seen team births and deaths, and have faithfully danced the sun up on May Day morning since 1996 in order to bring summer back to our small corner of California. You’re welcome.

This dance form is a great way to spend your life. Some of us are retiring for good, and others are continuing their passion for morris in other teams. Teams come, teams go, but morris is forever. Morris on!

Capering out,
“Molly Wafflebuns”
Founder & Fore
Mad Molly, 1995 (or so) – 2016